We’re thrilled to announce that another major update for Gas Station Simulator is out now. This time we’re focusing purely on the employee-related stuff. This means you’ll be able to prioritize their tasks, schedule them accordingly to your needs, and a cherry on top you can hire two additional employees to help you run your Gas Station empire – How cool is that? Wanna learn more about the update? Head over to our announcement here.

Hey, Gas Jockeys! Time flies they say, and not gonna lie we have to agree with that common saying. Especially when you consider the fact that Gas Station Simulator is already celebrating its second anniversary. Here is to another wonderful years to come. Also, we’ve just shared a brand-new announcement when we’re talking all about the genesis of the employee update. Head over to the Gas Station Simulator Steam page and check it out there.

Hey, survivors! Today’s news will probably be one of the most important one in the history of Winter Survival, as we’re finally able to give you the exact date of the release. We’re so thrilled to present you how our game has changed since we’re release prologue. Having said that, it wouldn’t be possible without your support, feedback, suggestions, and ideas, and we’re so thankful for every single comments we’ve received so far. Without further ado, let’s check the full video in which the developers behind Winter Survival delve deeper into this unforgiving world. For more information head over to the refreshed Steam Page.

We’ve just posted another development update for Winter Survival. This time, we’re focusing on the building system which was one of the most requested features from our community. Wanna see how it currently looks like? Check full devlog by clicking this link.