1. DRAGO entertainment S.A. with its seat in Cracov, address: Malborska 130, 30-624 Cracov, Poland (hereinafter referred to as “DRAGO entertainment”) administrates websites as regards DRAGO entertainment’s activities i.a.;; (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Websites”).
  2. This document (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) provides terms and conditions of use of Websites by Users as well regulations as regards so called “cookies files”.
  3. DRAGO entertainment provides for the benefit of users (“Users”), electronically supplied services connected with use of Websites, in particular as regards: (1) access to information, (2) reviewing and downloading specified documents and materials, (3)communication with DRAGO entertainment, (4) use of other functionalities available on Websites (“Website Services”).
  4. Term “Users” refers to natural persons, legal persons and an organizational entity without legal personality which was statutorily granted a legal capacity.
  5. Agreement as regards electronically supplied services is concluded upon commencement of use of Website Services and is terminated upon termination of use of Website Services unless use of Website Services is permanent by its nature (in this situation agreement shall be terminated upon cease of Website Services or its termination by one of the parties).
  6. Website Services are provided on a fee-of-charge basis.
  7. Use of Website Services as regards electronically supplied services requires prior installation of website browser.
  8. Users are not allowed to provide any illegal content in particular comments and opinions being offensive, vulgar, racists, degrading or similar nature.
  9. Use of Website Services shall not result in any special (high) risks as specified in art. 6 sec. 1 of the Act on Electronically Supplied Services (Journal of Laws, 2002, No. 144, pos. 1204 with further amendments). However, DRAGO entertainment points out that use of Website Services may be associated with general risks of using Internet network in particular as regards malware (i.a. spyware, spam, data removal, viruses, trojans). In odder to avoid potential risks of using Internet, Users should use proper equipment and anti-virus software being systematically updated.
  10. Users at their sole discretion may use system protections and continuous informatic support.
  11. Users may submit complaints in all matters regarding Website Services. All complaints should be submitted to DRAGO entertainment’s registered office or with use of the following e-mail address: In case of complaint please indicate data which allows to identify User (name, address, e-mail) and specify problem being basis of such complaint. DRAGO entertainment shall use its best efforts to respond complaint within 30 days as of its delivery. If such complaint cannot be handled in mentioned term, DRAGO entertainment shall inform User about cause of delay and indicate expected term of complaint examination. DRAGO entertainment shall inform User about resolving complaint by e-mail form on address indicated by User.
  12. User uses cookies technology during using Websites. Cookie file is type ofinformation which DRAGO entertainment’s network server sends to User’s computer upon accessing to Websites. DRAGO entertainment uses or may use cookies files as follows: 1) session files – in order to use technical data saved during use of Websites and transfer to other sites as well as to use such technical data to improve use of Websites. Such file shall not contain any personal data allowing to identify User and exits solely during given sessions of using Websites, 2) log files and multiple use files which may be installed on User’s computer during login on Websites in order to save data for the purposes of such login (if applicable). Such files may be used solely for comfort of User in order to avoid further information introduction and verification during following logins. Such file is stored on User’s computer for an indefinite period of time, even after leaving Website. For verification of cookies files please check settings in your website browser. Limitation of use of cookies files or its settings may influence the scope of use of Websites by User. If cookies files are blocked by User, most content of Websites shall be still available, however particular functionalities may not be available to User (i.a. registration). DRAGO entertainment does not allow to install any cookies files by third parties on User’s computer with use of Websites.
  13. DRAGO entertainment is not responsible for content or privacy policies of external websites administrated by third parties.
  14. This Policy is applicable as of its publication on Website. Content of Policy may be amended from time to time (i.a. law amendments, technical amendments, new security measures, change of Websites functionalities). User is bound by version of Policy most recently published on Website.