Car Junkyard DLC is coming to Gas Station Simulator – Q2 2024!

The upcoming “Car Junkyard” DLC for “Gas Station Simulator” will add an exciting new dimension to the game. The expansion will complement your gas station with a suitable junkyard nearby.

You will meet a new character named Benjamin and his parrot, who starts a junkyard business right next to the gas station. Although Benjamin seems like a nice guy, your uncle sees the new junkyard as a potential problem. Despite his concerns, there is a hidden plan to potentially take over this business and expand the gas station’s operations.

The primary activity in this DLC is to dismantle cars and other vehicles in order to sell the metal for a profit. In addition, you can recover parts that you use in the garage or sell for more than their value. An interesting aspect will be the creation of unique cars for special customers.

The DLC will allow you to create a network of tow trucks and drivers. You will be able to send them to different states to bring interesting vehicles. It will offer a “risk versus reward” gameplay element, where you can choose between safe and stable operations or towing.

You’ll start working at the junkyard with just a few tow trucks, and as you progress, you can expand that pool to as many as a dozen. Depending on your needs and funds, you can operate locally or nationwide, or opt for a combination of both.

Gas Station Simulator – Car Junkyard DLC
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