The “Tidal Wave” DLC for Gas Station Simulator is now available, offering players a refreshing expansion to the already popular game. This downloadable content packs in an array of new features, challenges, and enhancements designed to elevate your virtual gas station managing experience.

Key Features of the “Tidal Wave” DLC:

Immerse yourself in a transformed setting that brings new life to your gas station. With updated visuals and environmental effects, the DLC adds a dynamic atmosphere to your gaming experience.

Prepare for a wave of new tasks and objectives. The “Tidal Wave” DLC introduces unique challenges that will test your managerial skills and strategic thinking.

Unlock and upgrade new facilities to improve your gas station’s efficiency and appeal. This includes advanced equipment, decorative items, and functional upgrades to enhance both the service quality and the aesthetic appeal of your station.

The DLC brings more interactivity to the game, allowing players to engage with their environment and customers in more meaningful ways. Expect new gameplay mechanics that make your daily operations more intricate and fulfilling.

Tidal Wave DLC Steam page

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Winter Survival, the latest game from DRAGO, now officially released! Dive into a realm where every decision matters, every step could be your last, and the cold is not just an obstacle but your fiercest adversary. Winter Survival is available now on Steam and Epic Games, ready to challenge your survival skills like never before.

We’re offering an exclusive 10% discount on Winter Survival for the first 14 days to celebrate our grand launch.

Visit Steam or Epic Games today to purchase Winter Survival and embark on an adventure that will test your limits and reward your perseverance.

See you in the wilderness!

We are excited to announce that “Food Truck Simulator” is now available for Xbox One and Xbox X/S users! This engaging and dynamic game offers players a unique opportunity to dive into the world of mobile culinary delights.

In “Food Truck Simulator,” you take on the role of a food truck owner, starting from the ground up. Your journey begins with a fixer-upper truck, which you transform into a bustling hub of delicious meals. As you progress, you’ll cook a variety of dishes, from classic burgers and fries to exotic international cuisines.

The game boasts realistic cooking mechanics and food preparation processes, making your culinary adventure both challenging and rewarding. Players will navigate through different locations, each with its unique clientele and food preferences, adapting their menu and strategy to suit their customers’ tastes.

Apart from cooking, the game also emphasizes business management. You’ll handle ingredients sourcing, menu planning, and budgeting to ensure your food truck’s success. With immersive gameplay, “Food Truck Simulator” on Xbox One and Xbox X/S offers a delightful blend of culinary creativity and business strategy. Whether you’re a foodie, a gaming enthusiast, or both, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Hey, survivors! Today’s news will probably be one of the most important one in the history of Winter Survival, as we’re finally able to give you the exact date of the release. We’re so thrilled to present you how our game has changed since we’re release prologue. Having said that, it wouldn’t be possible without your support, feedback, suggestions, and ideas, and we’re so thankful for every single comments we’ve received so far. Without further ado, let’s check the full video in which the developers behind Winter Survival delve deeper into this unforgiving world. For more information head over to the refreshed Steam Page.