Hot Fix #3

Another update for Food Truck Simulator to fix a series of smaller issues. More like a lot of hot fixes rolled into one, but we wanted to roll them out before the weekend. The following things have fixes or altered:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the fuel canister wrong popup.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the map to not reveal correctly based on prestige progress in sandbox mode.
  • Fixes the mini-map not showing location correctly in sandbox mode.
  • Fixes a fast-travel issue in sandbox mode.
  • Fixes the fast-travel infos in sandbox mode.
  • Fixes an item sorting issue with the inventory.
  • Fixes an issue that caused food truck layouts not being available from previous saves.
  • Fixes a save issue with fried oil.
  • Fixes an issue causing banners not being correctly detected as owned.
  • Fixes an issue with some assets not showing their textures in the Halloween content correctly or at all.
  • Fixes the “flying slices” issue at selling points.
  • Fixes an issue when you quit cutting without actually having cut anything.


  • Cut buns are now stacking to 10.
  • Sushi slices are now stacking up to 10.
  • Sushi roll are now stacking up to 5.


  • Changes the way items in the customization UI are being shown in order to support more customizations.
  • Various localization updates.
  • Some smaller tooltip changes to make their meaning clearer.
  • Improves visuals for the names shown in the city map.
  • Sushi slices and sushi rolls now have their own icons.