Update #1 is here + Halloween Content

Food Truck Simulator’s first larger update is here. It fixes and improved a lot of issues, adds new things and features some neat Halloween content. Enjoy!


This update adds Halloween related content to the game. This content will not be removed after Halloween, so you can enjoy it whenever you feel like it.
For that purpose you’ll have a button in the menu to enable or disable Halloween related content.
The following Halloween content has been added:

  • Exterior decorations for the food truck.
  • Interior decorations for the food truck.
  • New decorations for the garage.
  • New garage wall decoration.
  • All selling points have been decorated.
  • Decoration throughout the city added.
  • A special Halloween song for the gas station job added.


  • Free roam is now available right away. You don’t need to finish the story mode any longer in order to enjoy some sandbox action. There are 7 levels of prestige, each unlocking the following features: tools, devices, truck and garage customizations, new areas on the the map and selling points.
  • You can now enter the back of the food truck while in the garage to manage storage or prepare ingredients that do now involve using the kitchen appliances.
  • New selling spot mechanic. The selling points are now open 24 hours a day and have special
  • ‘Rush Hours’ during which the amount of customers is increased.
  • Preparation time before cooking and some control over customer traffic via an open/close sign you control in sandbox mode in addition to the rush hour mechanics.


  • Keybidings have been redone. They now contain a lot more configuration options and are separated into categories now. A lot of the issues with key binds and mini-games have been resolved as well.
  • Manual Saves have been added. You can now invoke saving your game manually in addition to the game’s auto-save feature. There are however a few limitations for the time being as you can’t manually save in selling points, during sabotage or when in a dialog. We plan to have those restrictions removed in the next update.
  • Assembling recipes has seen some improvement by expanding tray and boxes logic so you can easier and faster assemble the recipe having either item in hand and putting the ingredients inside.
  • The Tray itself has also been improved. You can grab the tray and collect slices of food while holding the tray. You can now also add multiple slices. We did the same thing for the food boxes so you can hold them now and put things directly into them.
  • Cutting has been improved. We increased the amount of slices cutting yields and changed the camera behaviour during cutting.


  • Inventory capacity has been increased. Each level of a device now has its capacity improved by 5.
  • Inventory management has seen some changes. Sorting categories for better management, more space, removed merge button and its functionality has been added to the move button to allow you to move, merge and replace items.
  • Shopping has seen several adjustments. Bigger stacks, possibility to buy single food items, half of stack and full stacks.
  • Competition in both story mode and free roam now has a 48h cooldown.
  • Various adjustments to freshness.
  • Various adjustments to dirtiness.
  • Several prices have been rebalanced across the boars.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with leaving the competition before it’s finished. Now you will loose the competition and it will no longer block your progress.
  • Fixed some of the problematic achievements. They should now register correctly.
  • Fixed the issue with the hurricane knife.
  • Fixed the trash bin prompt and it should now remained disabled after first usage.
  • Fixed various small sound related issues.
  • Fixed various smaller problems in translations.