Halloween Update

This update features new content for Halloween and covers the base game and the Can Touch This DLC.

Base Game

The update adds the following Halloween themed content to the game:

  • New decorations.
  • New landmarks.
  • New wall paint.
  • A spooky ghost visitor.

Can Touch This DLC

If you have the Can Touch This DLC, this update also adds:

  • You can now turn the gas station into a spooky mansion.
  • Lots of spooky decals.


In addition to the Halloween content, there are a few bug fixes as well:

  • First Party Spot bucket should now correctly display items.
  • The Dachshund landmark should no longer block the path for RC car mini-game.
  • Paint splashes from painting roofs should now be correctly spawned on the floor.
  • It’s now possible to place decorations on roofs.
  • We added a new employee variant to prevent the situation where you might end up with just 5 employees due to firing the 6th one at some point.
  • Fixed an issue where an employee might get stuck on top of the cash