Hot Fix #1

We spent the weekend working really hard to provide further fixes for the random crashes and also provide a proper fix for the issue of auto-saves not functioning correctly in later stages of the game.

A big thank you! to all those players who support us by sending in their save games and provide additional information and even test some development builds. This helps us a lot in speeding up the process of identifying the issues and what is causing them.


– We discovered that Texture Streaming was responsible for a significant amount of random crashes in various circumstances. Those crashes have been fixed and it was not necessary to disable Texture Streaming like last time.
– Various minor stability fixes that do add up to a more stable game and some extra checks in a few places that were potentially crashing the game.

Save Games

– Autosave should trigger every 4 minutes regardless of quest progression unless quest has it specifically prevented (First Dennis Quest as an example).
– The Main Menu should properly detect saves and no longer wrongly grey out the Continue button.
– Fixed an issue with Challenges where under certain circumstances you could skip the ‘Upgrade Station to X’ quest when loading a game.


– You should no longer be able to skip Painting Quest by getting rid of Dennis too quickly.
– You should no longer be able to clear the hay-bales too quickly before the quest, and get stuck on the quest.


– Gas Station opening/closing lever should no longer be stuck randomly and not interactable after loading the game.
– Amount of litter and trash has been both further reduced. The effectiveness of employee cleaning ability remains unchanged from Update #1 for the time being. This is a stop gap measure until Update #2.
– Added “Headbob” option (not localized yet) to the options menu. Its purpose is to disable camera motion on movement. This option by default is enabled.
– Mini-golf should no longer give you infinite money.
– Minor UI fixes
– Some translation fixes, especially for Thai.

We will now continue working on Update #2 that we plan to release later this week.