Hot Fix #10

A hot fix for both the base game and the free Party Time DLC fixing some issues. This hot fix also fixes two game crash issues we have been tracking for a while now and were finally able to find what caused them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where employees would stop working after being talked to.
  • Fixes an issue where Party Time would show as greyed out on Level 6 in certain circumstances.
  • Fixes a game crash related to driving “Rudy” if an autosave has been triggered at same time.
  • Fixes some minor sound related issues with the Party Spot and the Ice Cream Stand.
  • Fixes a bug that caused customers not wanting to go home after you would close the Ice Cream Stand.
  • Fixes a physics related crash when broom would overlap a soon to be destroyed trash object trying to apply physics it it despite the object bering no longer valid.


  • The small Fiat is a little bit easier to clean in Car Wash from now on. (About 10% less of car cleaning required).
  • Product Delivery Crates have been moved to a slightly better position so they aren’t halfway into the truck geometry.


  • Police car textures increased in quality a bit so it doesn’t look blurry at high settings.
  • Ice Cream mini-game now has quick key legend visible in the bottom right corner for easier assistance.
  • The cleaning skill level should now be displayed correctly.