Airstip Hot Fix #1

Hey, Gas Jockeys!

We truly appreciate the abundance of feedback you continue to provide. While we’re diligently working on the remaining problems, you can find information on the fixes we’ve implemented below.

If you come across any issues during your gameplay, please describe them in as much detail as possible and email us at

Here’s a list of the issues we’ve fixed in this update:

  • Added an option to reset an employee’s position back to their trailer
  • Expanded the trash collection radius to prevent employee blockage while tidying up
  • Employees now properly empty full trash cans
  • Resolved an issue that prevented players from talking to employees
  • Fixed an issue causing employees to stutter when cleaning an item they wanted to clean themselves

As previously mentioned, we’re still working on additional fixes. To expedite the process, we’d like to remind you about our survey, which aims to help us identify issues and develop solutions more rapidly.

Click this link to participate.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support and feedback. Share your thoughts with us on Steam or our Discord server.

Enjoy your weekend and smooth flights.