Employee Update Hotfix #3 is live!⚒️

Hey, Gas Jockeys! ⛽

I’ve got some great news for ya all just before the weekend! Our team has been working tirelessly to bring you another hotfix which deals with some issues that you’ve been encountering since the Employee Update release. Having said that, it wouldn’t be possible to track and solve all of those problems without your help, so huge thanks from all of our team members!❤️

Now it’s time to delve into another chunk of fixes that made their way into the game, so let’s roll! 🔥

  • Fixed an issue in some other scenarios, that made the player get stuck in the cash register minigame while an employee was trying to serve the customers there
  • Employees now should avoid Warehouse stairs
  • Performance in the Warehouse area was increased
  • Employee behavior in connection with secondary tasks in the schedule was improved
  • Terrain was adjusted to help customers exit a car when going to the fuel pump on the first Gas Station level
  • Employees now should correctly take the Ice Cream vending assignment
  • Employees now will not take Ice Cream vending assignments while the player is occupying the booth
  • Employees now should correctly take the job when the second assignment is swapped with the first one in the schedule
  • Employees now will not get stuck on Fuel Pumps

Just as usual – if you encounter any strange things happening during your gameplay session, make sure to let us know whether in the comments below, Steam forums, or on our official discord channel (which I highly advise you to join). Have a wonderful weekend, folks and see ya in the next announcements!