Hot Fix #3

This hot fix comes with various bug fixes, further performance improvements and fixes a crash related to the car wash.


  • Fixed a crash related to the Car Wash.

Bug Fixes

  • Ordering over 1000 units of anything should now be possible (in some saves it was still prevented with the last fix).
  • Loans will now correctly subtract money and remove popularity. Loans will also automatically be paid off if you have enough money when the load period ends, rather than causing penalties.
  • Using RMB when dropping cargo/boxes from delivery trucks will now always correctly return the box to the truck and the truck driver will no longer drive away with your goods if you do this on the last box of the set.
  • We’ve disabled the ‘Lift Car’ button during the initial tutorial ‘Fix the Car’ quest, and enabled ordering of car parts on this quest already. The reason for this change is that players were getting stuck on this quest when they threw away the parts or failed to repair a car fully until they ran out of parts. This change should significantly decrease any chance of getting locked out of progress.


  • We’ve optimized NPCs so they use less resources when idling. Further optimizations have been made to parked cars as well. At higher gas station levels the measured performance increase should be between 10-20% with recommended hardware or above.
    We’re continuing to look at further optimizations on both CPU and GPU.
  • If you are noticing your performance dropping while washing cars, you can reduce the ‘Effects’ settings in Graphics Options to reduce the amount of particles that are being spawned and thus improve performance significantly.