Hot Fix #6

A third hotfix for update #6 as well as the Can Touch This DLC is now available addressing the following issues:

Base Game

  • Fixes the spawning position of painting splashes.
  • Fixes subsurface scattering artefacts.
  • Fixes an issue that causes hair to glow in the dark.
  • Adds scrolling to the warehouse menu when products don’t fit into the UI screen.

Can Touch This DLC

  • Fixes several cases of “Unbound” on the Hammer Tool and Air Brush Tool. You might need to reset keybindings to restore default key settings, depending on how you set up your keybindings.
  • Adds an ability to cancel the placement of the Cash Register after picking it up by pressing RMB. This will cancel the placement and return the cash register to its previous spot.
  • Improves collision in several spots for better decorations / shelves placement.
  • Fixes the unpaintable roof section.

If you have any issues with an update, hot fix or DLC, please write about it on Steam Forums, contact us on our Discord or send us an e-mail to with the bug description.

It helps us a lot if you include your save file folder or a link to a video if you were recording/streaming with the problem occurred.

Save files are located at %LOCALAPPDATA%/GSS2/Saved/SaveGames -> if you .zip the entire folder and send it to us or make a link to it available, we will be able to check your specific case and help directly with the issues.