Hot Fix #7

A fourth hotfix for update #6 as well as the Can Touch This DLC is now available addressing the following issues:

Base Game

  • New tools will no longer consume warehouse space/capacity.
  • Shelves can no longer be put on the roof to avoid NPC getting stuck.
  • Fixes for the decoration grid, so decorations can be placed in previously inaccessible places.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the warehouse to not correctly show products/capacity.
  • Fixes a visual bug appearing on texture in front of Gas Station entrance.
  • Physics on items dropped by customers will now be activated just for a few seconds instead of permanently.

Can Touch This DLC

We have made a series of fixes/improvements to the new tools:


  • Vacuum tool does not receive decals anymore.
  • Trash dropped by customer will now correctly be pulled to a black hole before disappearing.
  • Fixes a trash bag spawning issue.


  • Fixes the duplicating hammer tool bug.
  • Trash bin will no longer get full when you change their position.
  • Roofs will no longer lose paint after you cancel customization.
  • Resetting placement of cash register/trash bin while holding will now hide the grid correctly.
  • The Hammer will now change toilets wall types correctly.

Air Brush

  • The Air Brush does not clean Denis’ decals anymore.
  • Fixes a random crash while removing decals.