Hot Fix #9

Today’s hot fix is a tiny one, but considering the amount of support requests that lead to it, we decided to deploy it ahead of the upcoming big update.

There is a quite substantial memory leak in the UI code (well, there are actually several as it turns out), but this one is pretty serious and we decided to patch it right away. We took care of the other ones already as well, but we can’t deploy them since they require an update of the entire engine.

This hot fix has no other fixes, just a bit of new UI code that should help a lot of players running with low amounts of RAM. The upcoming large update will improve RAM issues even more, but there is just no way for us to patch it ahead in a hot fix. Even this hot fix contains some UI elements from the upcoming patch. In certain circumstances you might get to see a UI element to close/open certain areas of the gas station. While you might be able to click around, it won’t do anything yet.

There just were some changes to the UI we had to deploy with this hot fix without being able to hide them, sorry about that. On the bright side, the large update is just around the corner 🙂

And before you ask about the new engine: yes, the next update will also update the game’s engine as this was necessary for many of the performance improvements we made. And to quote the lead guy on the Food Truck Simulator team: “

If you keep going to steal our sh*t, at least have the decency to upgrade your damn engine to match ours and make all our lives that little bit easier!” Since we intend to take some more good stuff from them (we’ll post about that later this week), that’s what we did and the upcoming large update comes with a significant update to Gas Station Simulator’s engine as well as new features and content aside from all the fixes and performance improvements :