Game Update #1

This is the first update in a series of updates we are currently working on to improve the game, get rid of the problems the community reports and also add more languages to the game.

It is important to us that you believe in what we do the same way we do ourselves. We know there are issues with the game right now and we are committed to provide fixes and improvements before we proceed to adding more content to the game. The way we see it, the vast majority of the players like our game a lot. It’s just mostly technical issues we need to tackle and these usually “only” take time and commitment – things we feel we certainly have.


– Fixed a crash related to customers generating waypoints. We believe this was the cause of a lot of the random crashes players experienced.


– Fixed an issue where in some cases there would be no employees avaliable to hire even though the quest required you to do so.
– Increased the efficiency of employees who are cleaning. They should now be about 50% faster at cleaning trash.


– Reduced the amount of footsteps and trash items the customers leave behind by roughly 33%.


– Disable Controller option added to the Options menu. This is intended as a temporary fix for the problem where we are detecting some non-controller things (keypads, wheels, bluetooth devices, as controllers).


– Texture Streaming Pool increased on lower settings, which should lead to textures loading faster on lower settings and not staying blurry.


– Thai language has been added to the game.
– Fixed an issue where people who played the prologue would sometimes get the wrong language set as their primary language when starting the game. This change will reset language to English for everyone on the first run after the patch.


– Car Workshop doors should now be paintable and lose durability less quickly.
– You should no longer be able to close Warehouse doors while a truck is entering or leaving the warehouse.
– Added confirmation to deleting Saves & Overwriting existing saves.
– Removed the piece of terrain that was sticking through the ground in the main station.
– Fixed trash being stuck and not be interact-able after loading the game. Also fixes trash on bought decorations being untouchable.
– Removed Giacomo the Snake until we can add the Ophidiophobia mode.
– Autosave should no longer give you extra money on quests where you get money from the Uncle.
– You can now bring up the tool window after throwing items immediately.
– Removed erronerous default binding on Left Arrow Key & Right Arrow Key which turned the character Left/Right

Known Issue

– As you’re most likely aware, there is an issue where delivery trucks, vehicles/traffic in general and sometimes even customers can get stuck. There is a simple solution to resolve these issues: the Big Red Button.

Located at the Dust Bowl sign it resets these things and restores order at the gas station. Here is a short video where to find it: