We just lift off with Update #10

Hey, Gas Jockeys!

Thanks again for the amount of feedback we continue to gather from you.
Thanks to your detailed reports, we have once again tracked down more problems and have already managed to get rid of many of them.
Below you will find detailed information on which problems have been fixed while we check and work on the remaining ones.

If you encountered any problems during your game session, make sure to describe them with as much detail as possible and send us an email at support@drago-entertainment.com

Below is the list of things we fixed in this update:

  • Fixed an issue with the optimization of the Barn area
  • Fixed an issue with duplication or disappearance of planes
  • Fixed an issue with the stuttering of workers on the teleport next to the car wash
  • Fixed an issue with the blocker when ordering fuel at the airport before the quest associated with it.
  • Fixed an issue with the blocker related to the “Wait for the customer to arrive at Car Wash” quest, which occurred when it was interrupted by the Airstrip storyline

As we mentioned earlier, we are still working on more fixes. To further speed up the process, we would like to remind you that we have prepared a survey, which should help us track problems and find solutions even faster. Click this link to participate.

Thanks again so much for your continued support and feedback. Share them with us on Steam or on our Discord server.

Have a nice weekend and high flights.