Another Major Update for GSS universe is here!🔥

Hey, Gas Jockeys!⛽

We’re back with another Major Update for Gas Station Simulator along with all of the DLCs. Not gonna lie, folks – this one is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest update that we’ve released so far. I won’t bother you too much this time, since we have a plethora of fixes to share with ya. We’ve created a seperate headings for the base game and its DLCs just to make all the things more clear. Without further ado, let’s jump into the patch notes!⬇️

Gas Station Simulator⛽

  • Achievements for popularity events will now trigger correctly
  • Visual repairs in the garage when done by employees will now be displayed correctly
  • Multiple clicks on new roofs while buying them will remove money only once instead of numerous times
  • Now automatic car wash will start by itself after cleaning the sewers
  • Dirt highlights related to the car wash now will correctly disappear after moving away from the car wash zone
  • The fuel pump attached to the fuel truck will no longer bounce around when not in a “pumping” state
  • Highlight on UI in settings now will be correctly removed.
  • The player character will no longer be scaled down when spam-buying RVs
  • Fixed a bug related to not being able to buy Interactive Decorations
  • Now after purchasing all Interactive Decorations, it is possible to go through every one of them and see the preview instead of being locked down on a basketball field
  • Now after buying all interactive decorations buy button disappears
  • Names of Interactive Decorations will now be correctly displayed
  • Red highlight when placing decorations/shelves will now disappear correctly
  • UI keybindings related to rotating objects are now displayed in the bottom right corner
  • RC car will not move by itself after leaving the minigame
  • Loading the game will not duplicate Dennis anymore
  • Products/parts left on the ground will now save correctly
  • Toilet doors will no longer be closed after loading a game in some specific scenarios
  • UI related to Party will no longer block other widgets.
  • Lift in the workshop will no longer be jammed in the up position after using reset button
  • Employees fixing cars will no longer trigger a countdown as if the player has started a minigame
  • The third employee trailer does not spawn with delay anymore
  • Using the reset button will no longer lose products taken by customers in certain situations
  • Scrolling while the shop list is opened now works correctly
  • Capacity in more info Workshop tab now is displayed correctly
  • Some textures that were missing are now fixed
  • Interactive decorations no longer count into owned landmarks number
  • Some levitating objects were removed
  • There is no possibility to be stuck in sewers water
  • Filters in the warehouse more info tab now work correctly
  • Items amount now is correctly displayed in the warehouse more info tab
  • RC car can no longer go through the warehouse door
  • UI for deleting and selling products is now displayed correctly
  • Some dialogues no longer trigger twice in some scenarios
  • There is no longer possibility to fix a car with a closed hood
  • Fixed an issue that caused the filling shop list with items while clicking on the Spade Cigarettes price chart
  • Customers will no longer get out of a car while it is flipped
  • Decals no basketball court are now correctly placed
  • Now saving and loading the game does not reset the amount of trash in the trash bag tool
  • The warehouse lever now is in the correct position after loading a game
  • Some of the assets placed on a map have the correct collision now
  • Dennis’ defense system does not have blurry text anymore
  • Some of the longer cars have no longer problems with parking in certain parking spots
  • Popularity awards meshes now have the correct collision
  • Some of the localization issues were fixed
  • There is no longer possible to see through the main road
  • Cars no longer float during the intro cinematic
  • Ladders collision were adjusted
  • There is no longer possibility to throw objects through warehouse doors
  • Fixed an issue that caused a blocking menu when the game was paused while outside of playable map bounds
  • The menu cursor in Landmarks/Interactive UI now works correctly
  • Fixed an issue that blocked quest progression while the game was saved and loaded during the picklock objective
  • Warehouse capacity now updates correctly after unpacking delivery
  • Employees now fix cars correctly
  • Resetting employees during car repair will no longer block car repairing minigame
  • Trash thrown by customers now does not spawn on the roof

Can Touch This DLC🖌️

  • Some wall assets are now better placed on a map.
  • Valentines decorations have now better LODs
  • Changing the roof will now correctly add placed there decorations back to the inventory

Airstrip DLC✈️

  • Using planes fuel pumps will now display the correct tutorial
  • Columns in Barn now have the proper collision
  • Popup windows about items received from Joe or as a bonus from Pilots will now close correctly
  • After using the “Extra Time” card/skill time will be correctly stopped
  • Now it is not possible to pick up a tool during the last cutscene
  • Planes indicators in the top left corner will now work correctly after loading the game
  • Storage Level 1 upgrade no longer has colliding assets
  • Fixed issues related to LODs in the Barn area
  • The difference in trading values is now correctly displayed after using the “Cogency” card/skill
  • “Expression of Gratitude” card/skill will now work only for one trade
  • The container will no longer scale down after upgrading Barn to level 6th
  • Now during marshall wands minigame plane icon disappears
  • Now trade boost icon is displayed on products instead of under
  • The tutorial dot for buying duct tape and airplane fuel now is displayed correctly
  • Plane indicators in the top left corner are no longer stretched in different languages
  • Fixed an issue that caused Joe to get stuck in engine fixing animation while we saved a game right after finishing fixing plane
  • There is no longer possibility to deny a plane during the sandstorm
  • Cogency skill is no longer blocked after trading in some scenarios
  • The player character will no longer move while interacting with pilot

Languages 🌍
Also, we didn’t want to keep you waiting, which is why we’re releasing the update now. There are some minor translation changes coming soon – we’re working on bringing them to you ASAP, and if you want to help us out with that – make sure to click this link!

Stay up-to-date 📰
Phew… We’ve finally managed to reach to an end. With the update being live, we cannot wait for you to share your thoughts and feedback with us. If you happen to encounter something that looks kinda weird or if you have any issues playing the game in general, make sure to let us know in the comments below or on our official discord server. For now, have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for more news coming soon!