Summer Update is here! ☀️🔥

Hey, Gas Jockeys! ⛽

Summer has hit us with its full glory, but fortunately it didn’t stop us from working hard on delivering another chunky update for Gas Station Simulator as well as Airstrip DLC. As always, we’d like to hear your thoughts regarding the update, so make sure to leave your answers in the comment section below.

Gas Station Simulator⛽

  • Pumps area is now more accessible due to changes of collision to some assets
  • Cleaning sand piles with Rudy now works correctly
  • The low-pressure texture in Car Wash now matches with state of the water
  • Dropped items textures no longer get affected by floor dirt
  • Some of the missing textures were added
  • The spark plug in the workshop minigame is now displayed in the correct position
  • Fixed an issue that caused cars to flip on the spawn in some scenarios
  • An exploit that provided an infinite amount of items while closing and reopening the station was fixed
  • Fixed cars now drive away automatically if the game with a fully repaired car is loaded
  • Fixed an issue that prevented fixing some car parts after loading a game in some scenarios
  • Some LODs were corrected
  • Grass in some areas was adjusted to be more fitting
  • The garbage service now picks up a bigger pile of trash from containers
  • Saving and loading no longer makes spark plug bigger every time
  • Using UFO reset button no longer leaves items in the cash register’s basket

Gas Station Simulator – Airstrip DLC✈️

  • Now it is impossible to remove Tequilla for Joe’s quest in specific scenarios
  • Fixed an issue that prevented further progress while starting the Airstrip campaign during the car wash questline
  • Now it is possible to pass Move random object to Airport Storage with any item
  • Fixed an issue that allowed to deny plane when it shouldn’t be possible
  • Information about denying a plane will no longer be stuck on a screen in some cases
  • Some of the items categories were adjusted
  • Some levitating objects were positioned correctly
  • The amount of fuel during the plane fueling minigame is now correctly displayed
  • Fixed an issue that caused pilots from both airstrips to leave at the same time
  • Timer for arriving planes no longer resets after loading a game in some scenarios

Stay up-to-date 📰
And that would be it for today, folks! We hope that the fixes we’ve just provided will make your gameplay experience even more enjoyable. However, if you still encounter any weird things during your gameplay session, don’t hesitate to let us know about it. Your constant support and feedback push us forward on our development journey, and we’re so thankful for that. Have a wonderful day and the weekend ahead!