Hey, Gas Jockeys! ⛽

Not gonna lie – the excitement is getting off the charts as we’re thrilled to announce that 

the Employee Update is finally here! I understand that you might be busy playing the new update right now, so I won’t take much time from you today. However, I’d highly advise you to stick with me ‘till the end as I have the privilege to reveal what is coming to the Gas Station Simulator universe. So let’s see what I’ve got for you this time.

Employee Update 🧑‍💼

With the much anticipated Employee Update, you’ll now have the possibility to hire  two additional employees, schedule everyone’s work thanks to day/night shifts, prioritize their tasks, and pay them their rightful wages – all of this within one tab accessible via the computer. How convenient is that?

Employee Update patch notes📒

In addition to all the employee-related stuff, I’ve also managed to sneak around our office and steal the patch notes from the dev team. Just don’t tell them that I just did that, okay?

Gas Station Simulator⛽

  • Fixed an issue with a certain car causing traffic jam near spawning points
  • Fixed an issue that caused drivers to choose the wrong path while driving a car out of a parking lot
  • Fixed an issue that caused small car “Maluch” to pick up wrong path when driving away from fuel pump
  • Car spawn points are no longer visible
  • Collected cards no longer respawn after hiding and showing Landmarks
  • The triangular part of the roof is now properly paintable at Gas Station level 2
  • Fixed an issue with cleaning employee being stuck if we pick up last trash right before them
  • Employee that cleaned everything will now correctly resume his work when new trash/dirt stains appears
  • Fixed an issue that created an empty save file
  • Tutorial for car fueling no longer pops up twice
  • Multiple corrections to environment and assets
  • Party Bus Customers no longer have stretched tongues
  • Talking to the employee no longer prevents him from continuing his work
  • Customers will now pick the correct way into the station if some decorations are placed near the entrance

Party Time🥳

  • Ice Cream delivery truck no longer leaves before being unpacked

Gas Station Simulator – Airstrip DLC✈️

  • Broom tutorial no longer blocks the view in Marshall Wands minigame
  • Fixed an issue that caused blockade of inputs while clicking on Marshall Wands
  • Multiple corrections to environment and assets