Game Update #2

This is the second update in a series of updates we are working in ordern to improve the game.
The next update is already being work on, but we would rather do smaller, more frequent updates than have you wait for weeks on a large one.

Stability & Performance

– Fixed crashes related to DetachFromActor in Cash Register and Fueling mini-games.
– Ultra Dynamic Sky should no longer update as often which increases performance.
– FPS Lock is now set to 60 FPS by default. The setting will reset any current settings and activate on first run of the game after the update.
– Early game dust particles were removed inside the station at Station Level 4+ as part of the upgrade (minor optimization).
– NPC’s were optimized a bit and should now take less resources, resulting in a performance increase.
– Various performance improvements for level 4 and level 5 gas stations.


– Employees can now jog to get around faster if they have to cover a longer distance.
– Employees should not get stuck in warehouse anymore. They will still go there for now, but they should be able to open doors and not get stuck. In the future will will prevent them from going to warehouse completely.


– All walls and roofs should again be paintable.
– You should now be able to quit the Cash Register mini-game at any time with [F].
– Sandstorms should now correctly spawn sand piles again.
– If you hold a product in hand and put it on a shelf, it should no longer open the product placement menu.
– Workshop mini-games should now show a ‘key legend’ displayed on the side. These might not be localized yet.
– Items should now overlap less during the Cash Register mini-game. We also changed the scale of some items (newspapers, chips bags, etc.). Both these measures should result in making them less likely to go to the moon randomly.
– Dennis should again make more sounds to make him more easily noticeable.
– Calling the UFO using the Big Red Button when fuel truck arrives should no longer make the fuel from the fuel truck disappear. There will still be two trucks, of which one is empty, but that is a visual glitch to be fixed in an upcoming patch.
– You should now be able to toggle Sandstorms, Dennis Stealing from Warehouse and Party Bus from the Gameplay Options menu to turn them off if you don’t like any of them.


– 87 Resolution Scale issue has been resolved and resolution scale should now save properly.
– You should no longer see NPC overhead widgets when driving the digger or RC car.
– The animations for no products founds on shelf has been tweaked.

Save Game

– Quicksave (F5) and Quickload (F9) have been added. These keys can’t be currently remapped, but that will come in the next update.
– Autosaves now scale up to 5. The newest auto-save will now correctly overwrite the oldest auto-save if 5 auto-saves are already present.
– There should no longer be sparks on the cables after loading a saved game.


– We made a lot of fixes to achievements. We also tried as often as possible to have achievements be triggered retroactively. We continue to work on achievements not triggering, but we figured we add at least some fixes to update rather than to wait for all of them. Please give it another try.


– Translations fixes and added some of the missing translations in various languges.
– Employee UI in non-english languages should look nicer now.


– Added Reset Character button to the in-game menu. When your character gets stuck somewhere, use it to free yourself.
– Steam Cloud Saving is now available.
– Minor fixes to various UI elements.

More to come in Update #3, especially reworks to dirtiness and improvements to employees.