Game Update #3

This is the third update in a series of updates we are working in order to fix bugs and improve the game.

Stability & Performance

– Fixed a loading issue in which the game freezes for a couple of seconds before showing a loading screen.
– Various smaller fixes for random crashing issues ahead of Update #4 that will have a much stronger focus on dealing with those.


– A new UI element now shows relevant information regarding employees and their current status.
– If an employee is repairing a car, the Workshop UI will no longer pop-up on the player’s HUD.
– A car repaired by an employee will no longer leave the garage with its hood open.


– Players can now sell shelves from inventory (25% of the shelf value) and discard decorations, products and car parts.
– A “Car Parts” tab has been added to the player’s inventory.
– Fixed the car parts delivery issue where large orders sometimes did not arrive. Boxes were visible, but when transferred to the storage no items were added to the inventory.
– Fixed an issue where after completing the Lockpick challenge (open 10 trunks), each opened trunk would give 10 positive feedback.
– The spark plug stand will now store more items.
– A time lock has been added that prevents accidentally stopping car repairs.
– Reduced footprints and trash spawning a bit again.
– Reduced the frequency of cars honking.


– A Streamer Mode has been added that excludes Denis’ lewd paintings, making the game more underaged audiance friendly.
– Fixed the bug where customers were “flying” around the gas station in a sitting position. 
– Fixed an orientation issue with the sunglasses stand. The glasses will now face in the correct direction.
– Fixed an issue with the biker putting art of the walls that was intended for Denis. Now the biker has his own artistic touch.


– Various minor linguistic corrections for all languages.

More to come in Update #4, especially lots of optimizations including loading time and  save game improvements.