Update #9 is here!

Hey, Gas Jockeys!

First of all, we’re so, so thankful for the amount of feedback we’ve gathered already. Thanks to your
detailed reports, we’ve managed to track issues faster, and we’ve already managed to get rid of many of
them. Below you can find a detailed information regarding which issues were fixed, but that’s not the end
– we’re constantly gathering feedback from you, folks! With that being said, if you’ve encountered any
issues during your gameplay session, make sure to describe it with as much details as possible, and send
us an email to support@drago-entertainment.com Once again – Thank you!

Ok, but it’s time to move to the list of issues. Without further ado, let’s get started!

  • Fixed an issue with keybindings for Towy. Make sure that your settings are restored to default. You
    can also try to do a hard reset by going into %LOCALAPPDATA%/GSS2/Saved/ and delete the
    Config folder.
  • Fixed an issue with Joe constantly sitting on the bench during “Taking Off” quest
  • Fixed an issue with cars blocking each other
  • Fixed an issue blocking the progress when saving and loading the game on the Deny Plane quest
  • Fixed an issue blocking the progress when you run out of fuel on the second departure of Joe
  • Teleport location has changed
  • Fixed crash associated with aircraft departures
  • Fixed the problem occurring when saving and loading the game on the quest with the second
    crash of Joe
  • Added a button to sell decorations and cabinets

These are the issues that we’ve managed to fix already, because they were the ones that blocked your
progress or caused the game to crush. However, our work won’t stop here – we’re already working on
more fixes, and next hotfix should come in the upcoming days. To speed up the process even faster, we’ve prepared a survey, that should help us tracking the issues as well as finding the solutions even quicker. Click this link in order to enter.

And that’s it for today, gas jockeys! Once again, thank you so much for constant support and feedback. The more information we get from you, the quicker the update will come, so don’t hesitate to throw your feedback whether on our discord server or here in Steam forums. Last but not least, we hope that you’ll have a wonderful weekend ahead, full of joy and some quality time doing what you love.