Patch #2

Fellow Treasure Hunters,

First of all, thank you for all the conversations we have every day with you! Thanks a million for all your feedback and reporting everything that needs a fix! We are gathering all the information and already have some big plans. We can’t say much more right now, as we are still shaping up the idea, but it is worth to wait a bit longer to see where Treasure Hunter Simulator is heading, so stay tuned!


  • Language change in options now needs to be confirmed with the Apply button.
  • The items Condition is now appropriately labeled.
  • Photoquests bug fixes.
  • All Photoquests have attachments now.
  • We explained better the attachment picture needed for the legendary item in Slovakian Valley. It’s easier to find it now.
  • You can now use mark items and sell multiple of them in the collection menu. Simply right-click the item to mark it.
  • The game now has the official Steam Controller profile.
  • Treasure Hunter achievement is fixed and should pop up correctly.
  • Small UI changes

Please, leave a comment if your problems were fixed and let us know what you think about the patch #2!

All the best,
DRAGO entertainment & Movie Games Teams