Patch #5

Hello Treasure Hunters,

At the start, we want to say how deeply sorry we are for releasing the Mega Patch with some overlooked bugs. Such a situation shouldn’t happen after so many hours of testing we had. To make it all up, we are coming back to you today with the promised pack of the most needed fixes. We are very grateful for all the reports we received from our community in the last week. You are all simply the best!

Thanks to such amazing support we are able to improve our game continually. The next pack of changes is being developed as we speak, so we hope that you can keep bringing all your feedback and help us to grow Treasure Hunter Simulator into the best possible title.

The full list of changes includes:

  • Fixed an issue where the letter opener could not be identified. We also made a small improvement to the general identification calculation for the process to be more reliable.
  • The way we calculate how a treasure is being displayed when digging it up has been changed, and all items should now show correctly in the hole.
  • Fixed the issue where missions/jobs were not available beyond Bavarian Lake. This issue only affected the German version of the game.
  • Some typos have been corrected while at it.

Please let us know if the above fixes are working well for you. If they do, we would highly appreciate it if you could mention it in your users’ review on Steam. You didn’t add one yet? Please do so to help us with further development of our game 

Take care,
DRAGO entertainment Team