Patch #6

Hello Treasure Hunters,

Patch #6 is primarily here to address the problem some players still have with identification of the letter opener. It also fixes multiple problems that affected players playing the game in a different language than English.

  • Reworked the letter opener as it was still causing issues with identification.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ulfberht sword that affected language versions.
  • Fixed multiple treasure spawning issues that affected some of the language versions.
  • Correct metal type assigned to the Roman Medallion and the Weathervane.

Please let us know in the forum if you encounter any more issues. We are committed to continuously squash bugs and add improvements to the game as the past patches have shown.

We’d also like to thank you all for your support, it’s what keeps us as developers going.
And if you like the game and haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to post a review.

Take care,
DRAGO entertainment team