PC Troubleshooting

Video and sound card drivers that are either outdated or corrupted.

Begin by ensuring that your system is equipped with the latest video and audio drivers. Typically, these can be located on the website of your system’s manufacturer under the driver updates section for your specific model. Additionally, if you’re aware of your sound or video card’s brand, you can obtain updated drivers straight from its manufacturer. For those with AMD or NVIDIA cards who might be uncertain about the exact model, both companies provide “automatic driver” installation services.

Updating Direct X for Better Game Performance

Direct X serves as the bridge between your game and your PC. An outdated Direct X might lead to game crashes and other complications. To keep it up-to-date, Windows Update is the go-to solution.

Here’s a quick guide to manually check for updates:

  • Click the Start button on your desktop.
  • Navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.
  • Click on ‘Check for updates’.

For a comprehensive guide on Windows Update, you can find more details [here].

Performance and Settings Insights

  • Elevating the settings will amplify the demands on your hardware, irrespective of whether your system surpasses the game’s basic requisites.
  • The basic system necessities highlight the essential hardware for the game to operate, generally with toned-down graphic settings.
  • Despite meeting the game’s stipulated hardware range, choosing features that enhance visual quality might, on the flip side, impair the system’s performance and reliability.
  • If you notice a dip in performance or stability, opting for a more conservative graphics setting via the game’s Options Menu is advisable.

Antivirus Interference with Games

Encountering trouble when trying to play games on your computer? Antivirus programs might be mistakenly quarantining your game files. To fix this, simply add the problematic game to your software’s whitelist.

Optimizing System Resources

For a seamless gaming experience, ensure your system’s resources are maximized. Close any unnecessary applications before starting your game. Also, check if your antivirus has a ‘gaming mode’ or an equivalent feature and activate it before playing. For troubleshooting, you can experiment with a “clean boot” of Windows to see if it impacts the game’s performance. Always reverse the clean boot procedures afterward. Do exercise caution when performing a “clean boot” and follow Microsoft’s guidelines precisely to avoid startup issues.