Winter Survival is coming 1 week later!

We received a lot of feedback after the demo, especially regarding the game’s difficulty. While we always planned for Winter Survival to be as challenging as it is and intend to hold that course, we also see the need to adapt to a player base that would like less of a challenge.

While the Survivalist difficulty will remain unchanged, there will be significant changes to the Explorer mode in terms of balancing and difficulty to make the game more accessible.

Additionally, we are adding an adaptable mode to allow gamers to basically configure the difficulty to what they feel they can and want to handle and adjust the challenge to a level they feel comfortable with.

There will also be changes to the #1 topic: wolves. We are doing various tweaks when it comes to their behavior as well as improvements to combat with wolves.

Changes of this kind will not happen overnight, so we decided to 

postpone the release of Winter Survival by 7 days to March 6th, 2024 in order to have sufficient time to properly implement these changes.