Winter Survival Joins Steam Next Fest, February 5-12

Winter Survival, the immersive survival game, is proud to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Steam Next Fest from February 5th to 12th. This unique event offers gamers an exclusive opportunity to experience an early look at the thrilling challenges and innovative gameplay mechanics of Winter Survival.

Set in a relentlessly unforgiving winter landscape, Winter Survival challenges players to withstand the cold, craft tools, and shelter, and fend off threats in a dynamically evolving environment. During Steam Next Fest, players will have access to a new demo version of the game, showcasing detailed world, and sanity mechanics that set it apart in the genre.

The game’s developers are excited to share their creation with a wider audience and invite feedback from the community.

“We are thrilled to be part of Steam Next Fest and share Winter Survival with passionate gamers worldwide. This festival is a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with our audience, gather valuable insights, and fine-tune our game based on player feedback. We believe that Winter Survival offers a unique and challenging experience, and we can’t wait for players to dive into our world,” said Karol Sasordki, CMO at DRAGO.

For more information about Winter Survival and its participation in Steam Next Fest, visit the game’s Steam page – Winter Survival.

Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on a survival adventure like no other. Join us from February 5th to 12th and be part of the Winter Survival journey.